ONE TWE NTY - Blurb by Paul Kelley III


I'm producing books now... and they are available to you! Which is a cheesy line, but whatever. They are being produced through Blurb, who do a solid job on my trade books, but we are upgrading to photo books. They send out a lot of coupons btw.

The first book I am highlighting is ONE TWE NTY, it is a collection of images shot on my Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. I was still finding my way so some of the work is R A W, but fit for human consumption. No weird quotes, sorry, but this is a tightly curated collection of work, that I hope you check out. Never before seen images are included, along with some popular selections. Below are some of the included images.

Kodak Porta 400 - 23.jpg
Kodak Porta 400 - 3.jpg

Click here to view the book on Blurb and purchase it... You can also preview it as well.

Survival Series by Paul Kelley III

Orange hairs and mint walls together at last for Mint's second season. One topic of discussion between Marie and I during this shoot was energy. My energy during the shoot appears as a bell curve, my best efforts are usually somewhere in the middle. Marie's is akin to a 45 degree angle, always rising. Her effort improves as the shoot progresses. I don't think of her as a slow starter, but she does, and and it's nonsense anyway. What matters are the final edits, like the ones below.

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Strikes Like A Match by Paul Kelley III

People want more graveyards in their lives. There's something about granite and marble sticking up from the earth like little teeth to memorialize other members of our species to get you going on a Sunday. Did you ever consider that humans were strange?

My third shoot with Allison. We did some veils, we did some candles and we did some fishnets. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but endless energy from Allison. Endless. I get tired thinking about it. Allison only laid her head in the candles once, so that's an improvement on most sets I shoot that involve fire.

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Speaking in Tongues by Paul Kelley III

My second shoots with both Doe and Ashley. It's a small world out there, as I met these two separately and Ashley worked with me on the recommendation of one Stephanie I know, but not the one I was thinking of when Ashley mentioned her. We had great lighting and great setting to this set, thank you Ashley. 

We listened to the record "Speaking in Tongues" by the Talking Heads while we shot this.

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Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-BrightThings-011.jpg
Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-BrightThings-047.jpg
Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-SofterStill-006.jpg
Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-SofterStill-022.jpg
Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-SpeakingInTongues-036.jpg
Copy of 17-Ashley+Doe-SpeakingInTongues-041.jpg

To Yourself by Paul Kelley III

This is my first trip to Dallas's new home. So it's apparent that I am drawn to anonymous faces and singularly lit rooms. A note towards editing, I've had the Fuji Organik presets for Lightroom for nearly a year and this is the second time I felt I've used them to aplomb. 

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Disposable Camera: Dallas by Paul Kelley III

Yes, becauase sometime, life's a picnic. At night, with stickers. This is the night Jac met Dallas, we got some ice cream and Dallas was good enough to let me experiment a bit with a Disposable. It seems like every shoot with Dallas can be a day long adventure. We shot this, another set at her apartment and grabbed dinner. THEN we met Jac. It all went very well.

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I'm tired of jumping through hashtags and hoops by Paul Kelley III

Thoughts in regards to Instagram's 2018 Algorithm:

I don't see how hashtags and begging for the attention of other accounts is supposed to help me. I can't even use the same hashtags on my work without fear of being shadow-banned. Too many hoops to jump through and too much curve to stay ahead of. If one of the stated goals of Instagram is to organically create interactions. Instagram killed any chance of that the day that they switched to an Algorithm from chronological feeds. AI moderates posts and no one seems to be in charge. You can definitely get away with harassing and marginalizing people but god forbid something looks like a nipple. Instagram took a great thing and made it complicated, squandering all the good parts of it in the process.

Maybe it's time I quit. Maybe I'll write my journal and post on my Patreon. Maybe I will quit my bitching and change my mind. Here are some medium format pictures of Amber and Annie, that IDK if I shared yet.

Here are some medium format pictures of Amber and Annie, that IDK if I shared yet.

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Kodak Porta 400 - 5.jpg
Kodak Porta 400 - 7.jpg
Kodak Porta 400 - 9.jpg

Bury My Desire by Paul Kelley III

After a long layoff I was able to shoot with Julia, almost a year. I took inspiration from two tattoos I saw when conceptualizing this look with her. The tattoo was of a blindfolded woman dancing with the devil. It worked for me.

This was either the first or second shoot I took my Polaroid Originals One Step 2 camera out on. We had some brisk weather and a setting sun, two of my favorite photographic conditions. In fairness, Julia darn near froze.

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