Blurb and Self Enrichment.

Trying to get ahead is just another version of falling behind, I guess.

I'm kind of bummed out this morning, after a fiasco with Blurb. I had the goal of building a Blurb bookstore with various photo books I was producing. So of a turn key operation; make the books, let them chill, sell a couple and turn some profit long term. I was already producing shoots, already producing print quality jpgs and I do all the design myself. Well that took its hit today, through the joys of automation, Blurb deletes books that go unsold for 14 days.

My plans are long term. I can't go about buying a copy of each I put together, especially if I wanted to produce 25 books to keep in my bookstore. That's eating up the profit I have no guarantee to ever turn. Cleaning up "server space" is given reason. Before I really got into this I browsed the Blurb bookstore for inspiration. There was some cool stuff, but at the same time A LOT of crap. And that's what they keep on their server? Please.

I guess this just falls in line with a lot of other paths to enrichment I find on the internet. They don't pan out. I'm passionate about what I do and I think I am good enough to get my work beyond 4,000 people on Instagram, this website and 30 patrons on Patreon. So I'm sort of BS. But props to Patreon for literally being the only platform that really delivers on an eco-system where my work can grow and be supported by my work.

Sometimes it feels like everything on some level is a suck. Adobe Lightroom is a suck with its subscription, Squarespace is a suck (I don't know who or how many people really even come here, or why), Blurb is a suck, the Instagram algorithm is a suck and selling things is a suck. It takes away my good effort away from my photography. So as long as I'm throwing away good effort, I hope yo enjoy reading this secret blog.