Vestigal by Paul Kelley III

The fairest of warnings: I did not take these pictures. I only edited them. Bridget is both her subject and her photgrapher. I remember months ago being showed these files and being instantly envious, wishing to be apart of this. Bridget in her generosity, allowed me to be. It took me months before I had my eureka moment and edited them. Thank you Bridget.

I will literally say this on every Bridget post, but Bridget is one of the most inspiring people I have ever worked with. Visit her and her amazing work on Instagram... brihdg and bridgetphotographs

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12.03 by Paul Kelley III

This is the story... When I first got into photography I shot with Sony TLR cameras, because a buddy of mine lent me his and I loved it. I didn't know much about cameras at the time, but I soon would. You should always think about "WHAT'S BEST FOR ME" when it comes to equipping yourself for your passion. And when I was ready to breakaway from Sony, that's what I did. After reading and watching endless reviews, I settled on getting the Fujifilm X100S, which was a brilliant concept and well loved camera. At the last minute before purchasing the camera, I flipped and went for the Olympus OM-D EM-5. Similar with the retrostyle and mirrorless sensor, the OM-D EM-5 was an interchangeable lens, something I slightly but never truly took advantage of. Two years later I saved up for my next camera, which was Fuji's XT-1; another brilliant, retro and interchangeable lens system. I took more advantage of that, but recently I got burned out. It was gear fatigue. 

Entering into 2018, I circled all the way back to the X100, this time the F model. This is the new old me. I can firmly confess to being a contrarian to commonplace thinking that you NEED a certain camera, with CERTAIN lenses to make CERTAIN images. I guess I'm not that guy, I am the disruptor to that guy. 

So now, the pictures. This time with Carleigh. At this point I think I am the last person that Carleigh shoots non-cosplay with. And frankly it was 10 degrees out when we shot these. They are the first go-round with the X100F, and when it comes to cameras & the decisions behind them, I am doing well.

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War Room by Paul Kelley III

The final installment of this big day with Kelsey. When I met up with her in the morning we sat together in bathroom, while Kelsey did her makeup, I really enjoyed the retro flavor of her bathroom as well as the damn good lighting. After we shot the first two parts of the day, we cycled back and shot in the bathroom.

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Cut It Into Little Pieces by Paul Kelley III

Here is a semi conceptual shoot with Brooke. We tried to highlight the complexity of a person, symbolized through puzzle pieces. I don't know if anyone will actually get that. They look good, they were fun to make. We use liquid latex to glue these to Brooke, fun warning, you don't have to use "a lot" of liquid latex for the desired effect. Using too much liquid latex results in painful and slow removal of puzzle pieces.

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