Instax + Olympus: Ashley, Kelly & Lady Lepid by Paul Kelley III


This is the first entry in a five part series I did at the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. An anonymous, low distraction shoot using only my Instax wide and newly acquired Olympus Stylus (Thank you NH Craigslist). Kelly flew internationally to shoot with Ashley and Lepid, I felt special. We shot our 35mm on expired Market Basket film too.

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Insomnolence by Paul Kelley III

This was my first shoot of February 2018. It was definitely an aesthetic shoot. Shout out to Jac for braving the cold and shout out to the lady who checked in with Jac to ask if she was safe. Red balloons and a dude with a camera makes a sight, I guess?

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ONE TWE NTY - Blurb by Paul Kelley III


Apparently this venture is bust because of Blurb automation. If I upload a book; I'd have to buy a copy for it to remain in my bookstore. Of course this is an amazing way to eat up profits. So fuck me? Blurb automatically deletes books 14 days after uploading them, if you don't order them. So that really leaves nothing to do.

I'm producing books now... and they are available to you! Which is a cheesy line, but whatever. They are being produced through Blurb, who do a solid job on my trade books, but we are upgrading to photo books. They send out a lot of coupons btw.

The first book I am highlighting is ONE TWE NTY, it is a collection of images shot on my Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. I was still finding my way so some of the work is R A W, but fit for human consumption. No weird quotes, sorry, but this is a tightly curated collection of work, that I hope you check out. Never before seen images are included, along with some popular selections. Below are some of the included images.

Kodak Porta 400 - 23.jpg
Kodak Porta 400 - 3.jpg

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Survival Series by Paul Kelley III

Orange hairs and mint walls together at last for Mint's second season. One topic of discussion between Marie and I during this shoot was energy. My energy during the shoot appears as a bell curve, my best efforts are usually somewhere in the middle. Marie's is akin to a 45 degree angle, always rising. Her effort improves as the shoot progresses. I don't think of her as a slow starter, but she does, and and it's nonsense anyway. What matters are the final edits, like the ones below.

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Strikes Like A Match by Paul Kelley III

People want more graveyards in their lives. There's something about granite and marble sticking up from the earth like little teeth to memorialize other members of our species to get you going on a Sunday. Did you ever consider that humans were strange?

My third shoot with Allison. We did some veils, we did some candles and we did some fishnets. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but endless energy from Allison. Endless. I get tired thinking about it. Allison only laid her head in the candles once, so that's an improvement on most sets I shoot that involve fire.

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