2017 in transit to 2018

Thank you to everyone who visited this website, my Instagram and pledged my Patreon.


2017 was an excellent year for photography and a pretty good year for me personally. If I summed up the theme of both, it would be "GROWTH". I did my best to grow my skills behind the camera as well as my Lightroom skills. I am trying to get the most out of every pixel. I think I'm on the right track. I also go to foray into new mediums with old cameras as well. It was fun. Let us also try to kill the ego as well.

My thanks go out to the many models I've worked with this year. New and returning. I've met a lot of cool folks and had the funnest adventures. Shout outs to all the models and collaborators who aided me so much in all these photos. Some moved, some fell out of touch, but everything went pretty well and I can't imagine that I would complain that much.


My hopes for 2018? Well I hope we don't die in a nuclear holocaust. I hope to tell some more stories in my photo adventures than not. I think of myself trying to do something different than the people around me, but I hope to do something different than the already different thing that I do. LOLZ. The 2017 theme ended up being "GROWTH", so let's hope the 2018 theme is "SUCCESS". I got some features in 2017, and I am hoping for more in 2018. I'd be happy to die of exposure, sharing my photography across the internet.

I'll see you all soon. More pictures to come.


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