Form & Void / by Paul Kelley III

Maybe there's no reason to start something unless you have a good enough reason to get started in doing it. So this is the first blog post, on the new website about an old set, that got me started on the path I am on.

Wednesday Spice has been one of my longest tenured collaborators, we met after I found her tumblr and one naked photo she had online. Form & Void was the 10th time we shot, the first being all the way back in 2012, and it was a set that really galvanized me, aesthetically speaking. I consider it one of the most important sets of photos I've ever shot. It was early in my tenure shoot Micro Four Thirds and it was around the time I was getting a lot of editorially consistency in Lightroom as well.

For this set, Wednesday and I, shot on an abandoned train in the Metro-Boston area. It was actually quite close to the location where we shot our second set. Though there are always signs of habitation, we didn't encounter any passengers on the train during our shoot. Despite being broken, vandalized and in a state of disarray; the train gets amazing natural light coming in from its windows. From a technical standpoint, not a lot of tinting and tweaking to white balance was necessary in making these pictures. Disembarking the train was an adventure; for those of you outside of the know, a train car is at a minimum 6 feet off the ground. Climbing onto it is a hassle and climbing off annoying. Being a larger human, I just at on my butt and jumped off. Wednesday being a smaller human, let me help her off and I damn near dropped her. SAD.

If it wasn't 2+ years ago when we made these photos, I'd share an anecdote about what we talked about and what I was up to at the time. But I've forgotten.