A Less Boring Version of Forever / by Paul Kelley III

You know? I have only been to Maine once before last night. This time Dallas and I only visited York Beach in the dark. It was probably best we did this in the dark. Dallas asked me if I thought anyone could see us; I said they could only see us when the flash went off and frankly when the flash went off no one could tell what's going on. 

This was actually AFTER our shoot at Maudslay. It's funny when you have nothing to do and the other person also has nothing to do. So you just drive North on I-95. Sometimes you end up in Maine and follow the coast. Sometimes it is good to get lost. 

Technical notes; this was was shot with my Ricoh GR2 with the on camera flash. Some images were edited with Fuji Organik presets, which I just never have much luck with.