The Breaks / by Paul Kelley III

Wetlands have this funny characteristic, sometimes they swallow the land and it just becomes "wet", especially after heavy spring rains, the lands just sink. Like the ones we recently had in Massachusetts. So what should have been a long walk on narrow uneven boards became a short walk and nearly a long swim. 

Alli and I have been mutuals on Instagram for a long time. Not too recently she upped her excellent selfie game into an excellent modeling game. I patiently waited out the winter to work with her. I feel as though I am at my best as an artist when we make it outdoors. So we adventured beyond a golf course on the South shore for our first shoot on the narrow boards. Too bad we weren't able to travel out as far as I would have liked. 

Speaking on the location... Bad luck perhaps? But on my first trip there I bent my car key when. It snapped off my keychain. This trip? My Nexus 5X got caught in the dreaded bootloop and died. 

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