Wish You Were Here

I have 6 favorite shoots (We Are The Dead, Talk Is Cheap, Ether, Life On Mars, Live The Dream, And She Was), this might be the 7th. Aesthetically and thematically I look at the collective works featured on If You Leave and Sombre Beings, and I see a thing I wish to make. Wish You Were Here with Taylor approaches that look, in my mind. This is my first time shooting with Taylor, but it was easy and engaging. I try not to over romanticize and say "Hey it's like we've done it 100 times before", but it was an experience akin to that. Subdued hues, sort of grainy, while Taylor's hair and outfit provided excellent pop.

Taylor is an excellent painter and this shoot further reinforces my preference to work with creative people, despite their choice medium. I think creative collaborations benefit from people who engage in creative pursuits, and we can all bring our talents to the table. 

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