Bleak and White / by Paul Kelley III


Bleak & White

It's a new thing for 2018...

George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" had an alternate cut called "Black and Chrome", and it was an intensely labored upon black and white version of the gorgeously colored Fury Road. Frank Darabont's 2007 film, the Mist, had an alternative cut in black and white that Darabont called the definitive version of the film.

I never gave black and white edits much of a thought until I worked on a set for Annie called "For Dust Thou Art", now my aesthetic was radically altered. But something crept in.


I take edits in full color as the definitive version. For most people full color is life; until color blindness or actual blindness hits. I consider myself a non-fictionalist, I state it in the websites byline. But there is more, actually less. In 2018 I am doing a loose sub-series called Bleak and White. I've found monochromatic edits to have a certain desperation and honestly to them. When done correctly they literally say YOU CAN'T HIDE HERE. And I like that. Photography reveals. I am revealing.