This is the story... When I first got into photography I shot with Sony TLR cameras, because a buddy of mine lent me his and I loved it. I didn't know much about cameras at the time, but I soon would. You should always think about "WHAT'S BEST FOR ME" when it comes to equipping yourself for your passion. And when I was ready to breakaway from Sony, that's what I did. After reading and watching endless reviews, I settled on getting the Fujifilm X100S, which was a brilliant concept and well loved camera. At the last minute before purchasing the camera, I flipped and went for the Olympus OM-D EM-5. Similar with the retrostyle and mirrorless sensor, the OM-D EM-5 was an interchangeable lens, something I slightly but never truly took advantage of. Two years later I saved up for my next camera, which was Fuji's XT-1; another brilliant, retro and interchangeable lens system. I took more advantage of that, but recently I got burned out. It was gear fatigue. 

Entering into 2018, I circled all the way back to the X100, this time the F model. This is the new old me. I can firmly confess to being a contrarian to commonplace thinking that you NEED a certain camera, with CERTAIN lenses to make CERTAIN images. I guess I'm not that guy, I am the disruptor to that guy. 

So now, the pictures. This time with Carleigh. At this point I think I am the last person that Carleigh shoots non-cosplay with. And frankly it was 10 degrees out when we shot these. They are the first go-round with the X100F, and when it comes to cameras & the decisions behind them, I am doing well.

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