ONE TWE NTY - Blurb / by Paul Kelley III


Apparently this venture is bust because of Blurb automation. If I upload a book; I'd have to buy a copy for it to remain in my bookstore. Of course this is an amazing way to eat up profits. So fuck me? Blurb automatically deletes books 14 days after uploading them, if you don't order them. So that really leaves nothing to do.

I'm producing books now... and they are available to you! Which is a cheesy line, but whatever. They are being produced through Blurb, who do a solid job on my trade books, but we are upgrading to photo books. They send out a lot of coupons btw.

The first book I am highlighting is ONE TWE NTY, it is a collection of images shot on my Mamiya RB67 medium format camera. I was still finding my way so some of the work is R A W, but fit for human consumption. No weird quotes, sorry, but this is a tightly curated collection of work, that I hope you check out. Never before seen images are included, along with some popular selections. Below are some of the included images.

Kodak Porta 400 - 23.jpg
Kodak Porta 400 - 3.jpg

Click here to view the book on Blurb and purchase it... You can also preview it as well.