PK47 on October 2017. I turned 33 as we were 10 miles away from the Canadian border.


I always found it hard to write about myself, so I am going to do my best. First and foremost I consider myself an artist. Specifically a visual artist. As I have gotten older I have dabbled in various medium but have settled into design and photography the last few years.

I was born in 1984, which is coincidentally the name of my favorite novel; Nineteen Eighty-Four. Honestly both the timing of my birth and favorite novel have both effected my world view greatly. With the exception of one year in Texas, I have always called New England home. And I probably will continue to do so until we become Climate Change refugees.

If I gave you a quick list of things I like it would be this - Fast food, getting hair cuts at regular intervals, Frasier, eggs, driving, trivia, books, pictures, decrying Capitalism and of course, Coca-Cola.

Because people ask I'll tell you; I primarily shoot with a Fujifilm X100F digital camera and for most shoots I bring along my Fujifilm Instax SQ-10 camera. I continue to dabble in Polaroid Originals with a OneStep 2 camera that is slightly broken.

Other than that, you are always welcome to try to find me on Facebook and read my various status updates.


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